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Slump: a period of decline or deterioration during which a person performs slowly, inefficiently or ineffectively.


Now from time to time we all experience a bit of a slump, even the most motivated of us and after all it is completely normal. However the time has come for me to do something about mine as I feel it is dragging on too long and I’m over feeling like a sloth all the time.

Im not entirely sure if there’s an exact reason for my slump but I have deliberated it a lot and come to the realisation it’s probably more of a culmination of smaller things together. But it’s important to acknowledge these!

Now I’m pretty ashamed to admit this but I have not done ANY exercise since leaving home over a year and a half ago.  I went from playing football twice a week and going to the gym three times a week to absolute nada. I did initially treat my venture like an extended holiday which is why I had no intention of exercising at first and during the first few months I didn’t actually feel much different as I was distracted by the excitement of exploring new places.

Following this I did work solidly for 9 months without noticing any change so I would say it is only the last 2 or 3 months after my return from the UK that I have noticed the slump, So what’s different… Now work mainly involves me sitting at a desk staring at a computer all day, which surprisingly is very tiring, Either that or it just stings my eyes, which also results in me wanting to close them 😴.

Maybe it’s because I’m kind of lonely, I do have a shortage of close friends around that I would normally be excited to see or go out with and I don’t have my family around me however this is also just a theory as I don’t feel sad but just rather sapped of all energy. My boyfriend also works one week on one week off so is away from home a lot which does often leave me a little bored at the house resulting in numerous trips to the fridge and comfort eating but I know I also can’t blame that… however blaming him would be a lot easier. Zane it’s all your fault!

It’s also winter here now so the first thing I want to do when I get home is change into comfy warm clothes and cover up under a blanket with a cup of tea like the ninety year old granny that I am. By 8.00pm I’m usually struggling to keep my eyes open and by ten I’m tucked up in bed ready for another disturbed night of (attempted) sleep. Anyway I can’t kid myself any longer and say this is all because I’m getting old… I’m 24, I have to be honest and acknowledge I am just a lazy sh** and that a change is needed!

IMG_0818.JPG     Although I’ve been acutely aware of my slump for some time it has all just become extremely prominent to me when I was about to get into the shower and just so happened to catch sight of myself in the bathroom mirror, ohh my word, what happened! I am no longer at the age or fitness where I can eat whatever I want without gaining weight. I am officially Fatty Hattie. So I am going to do something about it and try and kick this slump to the curb.

Starting with this public commitment that I am going to make a change; surely if I make it common knowledge I will be too ashamed to quit. So I have set myself a couple of small goals, the first being to take control of my eating- No more share sized bars of chocolate each time I fancy something sweet.  Also only allowing myself one takeaway over the period of a fortnight. My second task is a 30 day squat challenge (laugh all you want I know I’m two years too late but it is a gradual task to ease me back in) and thirdly a similar 30 day ab challenge as my stomach no longer only has rolls when I sit down. I also think it’s incredibly important to get out in the fresh air in your spare time to have moments of clarity and reflection which I already do, however I could potentially get out more often as it does have a positive effect on my mood.


My main challenge though is to try and give myself some sort of routine which may prove tricky considering I have just started another job, However after a couple of weeks I’m guessing I should know where I stand and be able to come up with a suitable routine.

So here goes, I am going to see if these small changes make a difference over the course of a month and if I can finally say good bye to the slump!👊🏼

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