Welcome to Finding The Flutter, weird name you may think? 

Well you are probably right, here I will do my best to explain my thought processes behind the name and hopefully you can make sense of it all, but first let me tell you a little bit about myself and the concept of this blog.

I created the blog following a few years of being in a very confused state of mind, now as a Twenty-four year old I am still just as confused but you know what, I don’t care. I have finally embraced my befuddled state and learned how to live in the now. I am one of the many UK University graduates who after completing their degree have still not began any type of work in their specialised field. Now the one small little positive I can take from my own situation is that following my graduation in 2014 I am still yet to even attempt succeeding in securing myself a graduate position or as how Adults would see it a ‘proper job’. So in my mind maybe I would not just be another statistic if I had at least tried.

So with a degree under my belt but no desire to currently pursue the forty year (minimum at best) career I decided to pack up 10kg of my belongings and head to the other side of the world to seek life confirming answers…. or was it just for one MEGA holiday, either way I landed in Australia having somehow managed to drag one of my best friends along with me for the ride. 18 months later and I am still sat in Australia and it is from here that I bring you Finding The flutter.

  The name; OK I will explain.

So I remember being around the age of 14 and gossiping with a girl friend about her older sister’s new squeeze, and yes you guessed it how he made her ‘fanny flutter’, to which as a late blooming (I’m still waiting), naive and quite frankly awkward and very easily embarrassed teenager found hilarious and impossible. Fast forward eight years and in my mid twenties I have come to learn exactly what that feeling is that only us women get.

Now girls we all know of the sensation and why it arises coupled with the feelings of excitement, passion and euphoria, however don’t get too excited or carried away as this blog is by no means your temporary fulfillment of mummy porn until the next Fifty Shades comes out or the next Cosmopolitan, but rather a site that is designed for females predominately who are or have been in a similar age/situation to myself, Women who are still young at heart and looking to reminisce or those of you who have just stumbled upon us by accident and are nosy enough to stay. So take it as a metaphor, what if we could get the emotional feelings associated with the flutter from talking about topics that we are passionate about in every day life, let’s see shall we….


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